I'm Dario, programmer at Tiny Roar, an indie game studio based in Hamburg.


welcome to my website

Dario D. Müller

Hi, my name is Dario D. Müller, I'm a software developer atindie game studio Tiny Roar based in Hamburg, which focuses on mobile.

My abilities affect C# programming with Unity 3D Engine knowledge, C++, OpenGL, framework and engine programming as well as databases with MySQL, JavaScript and PHP.

The past 6 years I worked and developed on many software-systems and applications around web-applications, online systems, games and analytics.

Thanks to all the years of working with agencies and startups that taught me the experiences, different programming and all around managing a software product good.


Latest project: Crazy Maze

Tiny Roar present their second mobile game: Challenging Maze Puzzles through 90+ maze level that will test your brain and understanding of solving puzzles.